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Our Story

For the last 20+ years, Jimmy and Deana have loved serving the Lord through the local church in various pastoral roles from Youth to Executive.  In every role, missions was always their passion and the heart of their ministry, with an emphasis on training students and adults to pray fervently, give generously, and to go excitedly.


Jimmy and Deana are partnering with Builders International to lead the Project Management team, connecting volunteers and donors with trusted community leaders.  Every person deserves hope, and as they coordinate building projects around the world they not only build structures to support a physical need, but build hope in the lives and communities they serve all over the globe.

Our Kids

Jake (far left) along with his wife Hannah, love serving in missions and the local church and also currently serve on staff at The Gear Up Project with our daughter, Kayla, and her husband. Together they have started a real estate management company for short and long term rentals. 

Julia is a junior at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She is studying early childhood education. She serves in the local church in worship, kids, and youth. 


Kayla (middle) is the worship pastor at Jubilee Worship Center. She and her husband, Orry are the founders of The Gear Up Project, a nonprofit that exists to provide gear and resources to missionaries in hard-to-reach Alaskan villages.

Drew is an freshman in high school and loves hanging out with friends and being involved in his church's student ministry.

Taylor James (far right) is a junior in high school and loves sports, fishing, serving in ministry and being involved in his church's student ministry.

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